1000 Portraits 1000 Stories

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

Ansel Adams

I have been photographing people around me for a decade now. This has helped me to evolve as a photographer. Snapshots forms a bond between the person ‘in focus’ and the mind behind the lens. An image captures precious moments of friendship and cherished memories. I wish to celebrate that bond and friendship by exhibiting portrait-stories in a week-long event, in my home-country- Bangladesh.

As a photographer, I desire to weave simple story in an extraordinary way. Each person is uniquely beautiful in their own way- a portrait can uphold that unique story in the form of lights and shadows. My intention is to celebrate beauty of uniqueness, which is still and silent but can speak a thousand words.

I plan to exhibit 1000 portraits of people I know or have come across, in Bangladesh and beyond. Each photograph will accompany a short note on the person and a short story that we together decide to tell. All 1000 subjects will be invited to participate in the closing event in Dhaka. I hope to hold both online and offline gallery exhibition.

Till date, I have shot several hundred portraits, aiming for the exhibition. I need several hundred more interested people to come forward and participate in this project for a social cause. This project has no commercial objectives- connecting people towards and through a social cause is the core of its purpose. The funds raised from this event – in the forms of donation or other – will directly go to an organization based in Dhaka called EKMATTRA Society. I started my photography career while working with EKMATTRA in 2007. EKMATTRA (www.ekmattra.org) works for improving the standard of lives of underprivileged children in Bangladesh.

If you are interested to participate in this project, you are requested to register your intention through this website. We together will decide the location and time for the shoot, write your story, and prepare for the event.

Thank you.

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth

Pablo Picasso

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click the “Register Now” button and follow the guidelines.

Nope, photoshoot and registration are both absolutely free! But if you wish to donate, we surely could use all the help we can get.

Yes, you can register from anywhere in the ‘world’.

Yes, of course you can. You just need to shoot us an email, and it will be taken care of.

Yes, you can suggest someone, and register on behalf of her or him.

I am paying for the running cost of the project. However, he will look into sponsors to support the closing exhibition.