Md Mahmudul Hoque (Moni)

The Photographer

Moni is a recognized photographic artist who loves to tell stories through his images. He started his photographic learning exercise in 2008 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Later he worked in several news and development organizations as a freelance photographer. He also worked as a wedding photographer for a few years before he focused on portraitures. As a student of photography, he started to apply his ideas and thoughts while photographing his friends. Later he mastered the art and his works have been recognized by several national and international organizations. He also received several international awards for his outstanding works in portraiture. He has photographed thousands of his friends and relatives, and his interests in portrait photography are never-ending. He raised funds for charity organizations through his first solo photographic exhibition ‘150 Shades of Perspectives’ in 2016 in Brighton, UK.

Moni is currently doing his PhD at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK. Being a civil servant, he works as a Senior Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration in Bangladesh. With the prestigious Bangladesh Prime Minister’s Fellowship, he started his doctoral research in 2019 and expect to graduate in 2023 on deputation. He previously earned three master’s degrees. With UK Government’s Chevening Scholarship he did MA in Governance and Development at the University of Sussex in 2016. Before that, he completed a two-year Norwegian Masters in Journalism, Media, and Communication in 2010. As part of the programme, he studied Photography and Visual Communication at Pathshala (South Asian Media Institute) in Dhaka. However, he originally did his Bachelor and Masters in International Relations at the University of Dhaka. He has also worked, produced, and directed several documentary films.

For more details, please visit his website www.mhmoni.com.


I have so far shot several hundred portraits aiming for the exhibition. I expect to hold both online and offline gallery exhibition.

The plan is to exhibit 1000 portraits of wonderful human beings I know or come across – in Bangladesh and abroad. Each photograph will accompany a short introduction of the person and a short story that we together decide to tell. I intend to invite all those 1000 people to participate and celebrate the event in Dhaka. I expect to hold both online and offline gallery exhibition.